Empathy is everything.

Inject inclusive thinking into your marketing mix and grow at the pace of a rapidly expanding, culturally curious consumer population.

The next business revolution, Inclusive Transformation is upon us

And it will be big, like the digital transformation before it. Because the fastest growing consumer population is actively choosing brands who get cultural inclusion over brands who don’t.

Like in the digital transformation the winners will move quickly, acting on good intelligence. Marketers who aspire to lead in their categories will need to develop new practices and capabilities to compete for consumer growth. Especially when the only consumer groups growing are all BIPOC and share the same inclusive outlook.

CVLRY helps brands mine their existing data, quickly assess, and plan for this future.

CVLRY is a nimble marketing and insights agency focused on inclusivity

Our expertise includes formulating the right inclusive approach to further deeper consumer understanding.

We learn at the pace of culture; our teams command a unique grasp of social trends, historical context, and creative application that dimensionalizes our approach.

We can quickly identify marcom misses or missteps and resolve for cultural sensitivity by seeing people as people — versus a set of consumer behaviors. We’ve solved inclusive marketing problems for media, apparel, research, telecom, restaurant, video platform, and CPG. Even an HBCU.

We believe in doing the foundational work right

We don't jump to conclusions before we see the data.

Or create deliverables for you or build out a working roadmap for your team before we apply the needed rigor to the discovery process, have exhaustively analyzed the data, passed it through an inclusive lens — it’s a process we rely on that yields searing consumer insights. 

We're strategic-minded creatives who embrace data.

Our creatives prefer applying fresh foundational data to creative problem solving right at the start. This makes us invaluable contributors to your content creation and creative testing process since our teams speak the same creative language as those on your end who need to iterate fast.

What our clients say:

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"I am working with CVLRY as a partner to help transform our entire approach to market research so that we are inclusive of overlooked or misunderstood consumer groups. We are working together on an end-to-end redesign of how consumer insights are collected and analyzed, so that we can provide more inclusive marketing recommendations to clients to drive growth."

Stephen DiMarco

Chief Digital Officer @ KANTAR
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"We rely on CVLRY’s pool of incredible talent — a true life-saver that provide deep consumer understanding and vast branding experience that help us drive near-term results and shape our long term brand."

Leslie Kolk

Creative Director
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"CVLRY is what you want in a marketing agency. They are on strategy from the start, partner with our leadership team throughout the process, and help us analyze our audiences to position and grow our properties for massive success."

Jim Spanfeller

CEO G/O Media
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"Our dedicated CVLRY team teaches us how to define our North Star and voice.Their inclusive-first process helps build empathy and new skills within our team so that we can grow our brand with confidence. Let's keep rolling"

Claire O'Hare

Owner @ Livewell
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"CVLRY works smart. Their team collects the relevant consumer and category data to create the story that’s best for the brand. They make sure everyone is aligned and working on the same page with a common goal. Finally!"

Jordi Chapdelaine

Partner @ Social Outlier