A 100% minority-owned business. We exist to make sure every consumer is seen for who they are

“Other.” That’s the word that started this all. Our founder, Leslie Walker (nee Ali) is a first generation American, born to ambitious hard working Peruvian and Pakistani parents who sought citizenship in a new country they could call theirs. But checking that “Other” box over and over again year after year can make a first gen girl start to wonder - why am I just seen as “Other” -the biggest catch-all category, where all the non-obvious mixed or yet to be named Black and Brown Americans are relegated to.

“What’s the world waiting for to unpack all that I am?” 

CVLRY was born out of a need to be seen and heard. The goal is to change the world for the better by recognizing our cultural nuanced differences, serving these new needs and going deeper in our understanding of our many labelled consumer. CVLRY is a commitment to the un-monolithic consumer population that is still invisible to marketers - and due to legacy system and habits - still poorly understood.

We ask questions to size the situation. We use data as our secret weapon. We translate insights into stories. We transform your pickle into actions that build your brand and drives concrete financial results. That's why we get paid the big bucks. (Or medium size bucks, depending on the plan.)

Lets see what's right for you